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About The Institute

At present there are 5170 students in the college. There are 253 Faculty Members and 60 technical staff. As such there is no vacancy in any department . The gender ratio of men and women among the employees works out to be 1 : 2 and the teacher student ratio is 1 : 20.

A number of scholarships are available for students. The students of the Scheduled caste can apply for the award of scholarships. Most backward classes can apply for the award of scholarship, Harijan Welfare scholarship and scholarship to the physically handicapped students. Apart from these things the management offers many scholarships. Ex-Servicemen children are also awarded free scholarship.

The Alumni Association is functioning very actively in this college. It has various activities which will eventually prove beneficial to the alumni. The Parents Teachers meetings are also conducted every year. This meet is very helpful to the Management to get a correct feedback from them on the issues like curricular aspects, teaching learning process and infrastructure facilities. They are also free to express and record their impressions on the teachers and the academic performance of their wards.

The students of Dr.N.G.P. Arts and Science College have not only excelled in the field of Sports and National Service Scheme, they have also done very well in the field of academics. Every semester, two internal examinations and one model examination are being conducted to prepare them to face the University Examination with full confidence. This is the main reason for the better Academic records with University ranks and awards every year. In the Bharathiar University examination the college is maintaining a good record of over 90% pass every semester. The faculty also conduct remedial classes for academically weak students, and coach th em in the field of interactive session, group discussion, quiz programmes and preparation of articles for seminars. This helps the students attain improvement and progress in their academic performance.

There are many full fledged faculty members who are highly qualified and potentially academic. They also arrange for guest lectures in the college inviting good speakers from outside, Faculty development programmes for the members of staff and students development programmes for the students are being conducted regularly to enhance their standard of quality. The people from all walks of life are invited to deliver their address in such programmes. The men teaching staff also are given extra training to have their skills in office automation , filing and computer literacy.

The National Service Scheme units of this college are very dynamic. There are 3 units comprising of 300 students. The city of Coimbatore and nearby villages are greatly benefited by the tremendous service rendered by National Service Scheme units. Apart from taking part in various seminars the National Service Scheme volunteers have proved their best by involving themselves in activities like campus cleaning programme, blood donation, arranging vaccination on campus and tree planting. The units also organize a 10 days special camping programme every year in villages like Maruthamalai, Irulampatty and Navavoor.

The Placement Services of this college plays a vital role in conducting placement mela to facilitate the students to choose their jobs. The cell has organized many career development programmes, campus interviews and off campus interviews along with online placement interviews. The cell is venturing forth and works tirelessly to place all our students.

In a nutshell Dr.N.G.P. Arts and Science College is a marvelous institution which caters to the growing demands of the rural students in this area.