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Department of Business Analytics

Business Analytics, a collective term referring to the processes, techniques, tools and technologies that derive insights, information and knowledge from the humungous amount of data available, is increasingly being used in industries. Unlike the conventional commerce programs, the domain of Business Analytics call for specialized knowledge and skills sets in operations research, marketing, statistics, machine learning, data mining computer science etc. Therefore, a high gestation period is required for an ordinary commerce graduate to become job ready in the analytics domain. The shortage of skilled under graduates in commerce who can deliver first hour productivity in the analytics domain is a major growth constraint for a sector that has generated huge demand.

The academic programme provides a deep dive into the fields of analytics and data science as well as the application of these concepts to real world problems while covering the fundamental management courses also. Graduates from this programme will develop their knowledge and skills in various analytical tools such as Apache Hadoop, SAS, Tableau, Power BI, WEKA, PYTHON, R, etc. for generating business intelligence pertaining to different functional areas of organizations belonging to a variety of industry domains. Graduates from this programme will be able to leverage Big Data and Analytics to help create more efficient business processes and more accurate performance reporting, in turn enabling businesses to become globally more competitive. The graduates will learn how to use data and models to support decision making, business transformation and growth.

The programme is designed to take students through a wide panorama of business related studies such as specifics of different industries relevant to them BCOM Business Analytics , drivers of different industries, market opportunities, specific infrastructure and technology characteristics, and organizational structures and factors. Students will work on case studies, complex business problems such as predicting and understanding customer buying trends, analyzing and modeling financial performance, optimizing organizational design, collecting and processing competitive intelligence. The three -year curriculum is aligned with the business analytics industry. The unique design of the Programme focuses on providing a high degree of industry exposure, by academic and functional experts from the business analytics industry, working in tandem.

This programme offers brilliant career pathways to those who have a penchant for commerce, mathematics, statistics, modeling and information technology & systems and want to create business value using big data and analytical tools and technologies.


Develop depth understanding in the key technologies of data science and business analytics concepts with variety of skills, tools and techniques to understand data, examine business problems and bring about key business solutions in a structured manner.

To enhance the knowledge and skills needed for the students to face the global employability.


To educate practical, hands-on experience with commerce Analytics, statistics programming languages and big data tools through coursework and applied analytics experiences.

To empower people by providing accessible, quality education to enhance employability and transform lives and create responsible analytical professionals with global standard.