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Drama Club

The Drama Club of Dr N. G. P. Arts and Science College, Coimbatore, was established by the Department of English on 22.02.2010 with a view to elicit the otherwise- concealed dramatic genius of the students. The club, which was started with an initial strength of twenty students, has distended itself to be a club of more than fifty enthusiasts.


  • Augment the communicative capabilities of the student community, especially in the area of speaking
  • Encourage "Out- of- the box" thinking to dispense impromptu performances
  • Eliminate stage fear from being the potential barrier of communication
  • Upgrade the accent and pronunciation of the students
  • Inspire the students to develop team building and leadership traits
  • Facilitate in personality development by turning the students into self-assured speakers

Who Can Be A Club Member?

  • The students who are interested to enact
  • The learner who has interest to learn a second language through theatre arts
  • Aspirants who are interested to develop their cognitive skills through performance arts

Rules and Regulations

  • Students of various departments of the college can be a member of the club
  • Students who wanted to enrol in drama club can be a member of any one of the clubs other than drama club of the Department of English
  • Each year 50 new aspirants will be admitted in the club
  • The skills of the regular members of the club will be tested each year through their participation in various interdepartmental competitions, intercollegiate competitions and workshops
  • The convener has the liberty to choose the candidates through Induction Programme and Show Case event

Club Convener

Ms. V. Dorothy Catherine, Dept. Of English

S.No DATE Event Activities
Resource Persons
Participants Outcome
Academic Year 2015-2016
01. 25.06.2015 Inauguration Ms. Anitha,
Head &Assist Prof, Nirmala College for women, CBE
Electing the office bearers and Introduction of the Club
02. 14.07.2015 Induction Programme 1.Glimpses of the past
2. ABC of drama- Ms. Patricia Romila. A, Assist Prof, Dept of English
3. Theatre Etiquette- Ms. Dorothy Catherine. V, Assist Prof, Dept of English
4. Drama Activities- Group Tableau Group Mime Story Development
Students learnt the foundation for drama, terminologies of theatre, theatre etiquette, Effect of Non verbal communication, Team building, Sentence coherence
03. 05.08.2015 Storytelling Workshop Dr Eric Miller- Founder and Director of the world story telling Institute, Chennai in Sapna Book House, Coimbatore
Students learnt the art of storytelling and developed their speaking skills
04. 15.08.2015 State level Intercollegiate competition Sacred Heart College, Tirupattur
Won the overall trophy in the events Compose  a poem, Soliloquy, Lit Parade and Collage
05. 22.09.2015 Music Concert Chief guest: Dr P. R. Muthuswamy, Principal, Dr Kannan, Dean of Academics and Dr Suganthi Hebziba, HoD, Dept of English
Students were trained to sing English song. They learnt to pronounce words in American accent, co-operative language learning was incorporated, peer learning encouraged
06. 29.09.2015 Inter-departmental Competitions Dept of English, Dr NGP ASC, Coimbatore
Won first place in the event of Mime
07. 01.10.2015 Intercollegiate Competition Nirmala College for Women, Coimbatore
Won first places in the following events, Humm a poem, Soliloquy and Drama feast
08. 09.10.2015 Mini project presentation on Shakespeare Evaluators: Mrs. C. M. Kanchana, Assist Prof, Dept of English, Ms. K. Nagalakshmi, Assist Prof, Dept of English
Students were guided by Ms Dorothy Catherine. V, Assist Prof, Dept of English. They were trained in the aspect of research aptitude, communicative skills and presentation skills
Academic Year 2014-2015
01. 19.08.2014 Inauguration Dr P. R. Muthuswamy,
Principal, Dr NGP ASC

Mrs. Saritha,
HoD, Dept of English

Talk- Types and Forms of Theatre- Ms. Dorothy Catherine, Assist Prof, Dept of English Activities: Monologue: Suicidal Tendencies of Innocent minds Soliloquies: Macbeth and Othello Short Skit- Social Evils
Electing the office bearers and Introduction of the Club
02. 23.07.2014 Induction Programme Drama Activities- Read and Write, Mask Making, Newspaper Enactment Enactment: Julius Caesar, Act III, Short Skit- Hope Never Disappoints
Students were trained in Reading Skills, Writing Skills, Acting Skills and Mask Making
03. 09.09.2015 Street Play Theme: Social Atrocities
Students were trained to convey social message in the form of street play, they were also trained to play the music through Paarai
04. 11.09.2015 Screening test for Short Documentary Film Photo Shoot
05. 29.01.2015 1st National Conference cum Workshop Language and Theatre Resource persons: Dr Rathnasapabathy, PSG CAS, Dr Anitha Devi, VIT University, Vellore Dr Pauline Das, Karunya University, Dr Nagaraj, Bharathiar University
1. Oral language enrichment and literacy development for ELL through Theatre.

2. Can Theatre performance transform an individual into a better person?

3. Technology embraces traditional plays and performance pieces for language learning.
06. 04.02.2015 & 05.02.2015 National Workshop on Innovative techniques in Modern Indian Drama in Tirupur Kumaran College for women, Tiruppur Resource persons
Dr. Gnanasekaran,
Kanchi Mumunivar Centre for PG Studies, Pondicherry

Dr Anto Thomas,
St Thomas College, Trissur. Coimbatore Theatre Society

Students were given a wide exposure on Indian Drama in Global Scenario and Drama and Children’s Literature.

Students were trained for Theatre performance through a no. of activities by Coimbatore Theatre Society
07. 02.03.2015 & 03.03.2015 State level Theatre Workshop in Don Bosco College, Yelagiri Hills, Vellore Resource Persons:
Dorothy Catherine. V,
Assist Prof, Dept of English, Dr NGP ASC

Ms. S. V. Karthiga,
Assist Prof, Dept of English
Theme: Drama and Theatre Techniques
The students of our college were appreciated as the best facilitators by Don Bosco College, Yelagiri Hills
08. 10.03.2015 National Conference cum Workshop on Shakespeare- Revisited in Kongu Nadu Arts and Science College, Coimbatore Resource Person: Dr. Kotteswari, Mercy College, Kerala
Students learnt about the Theatre Setup and the Language of Shakespeare
Academic Year 2013-2014
01. 29.07.2013 Inauguration Dr. P. R. Muthuswamy,
Principal, Dr NGP ASC
Elected the office bearers and Introduction of the Club
02. 20.08.2013 Show Case Club Convener
Students exhibited their acting talents
03. 04.09.2013 Induction Programme Club Convener
Students were trained for acting with a number of activities
04. 04.10.2013 Movie Session Club Convener
The art of criticism and movie review was taught to the students
Academic Year 2012-2013
01. 19.07.2012 Inauguration Dr. Durairaj,
Elected the office bearers and Introduction of the Club
02. 28.08.2012 Enactment One Act play The Discovery
The art of dialogue deliverance was taught
03. 27.09.2012 Introduction of Drama Activity based Learning Club Convener
Students were motivated to learn language through drama
04. 09.01.2013 Review Session Club Convener
Students were trained as how to write film reviews
Academic Year 2011-2012
01. 26.06.2011 Inauguration Dr. Durairaj, Vice-Principal
Elected the office bearers and Introduction of the Club
02. 20.08.2011 One day session on Theatre arts Club Convener
Students learnt about stage direction
03. 11.01.2011 Intra-departmental Competitions Club hosted
Prize were given
04. 23.02.2011 Screening for a Short Film Club
Students were trained how to pose for shoots