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Disaster Management Committee


Chairman Prof. Dr. V. Rajendran,
Convener Dr.S.Saravanan,
Dean - Admin

Dr. V. Uma,
Hospital Administration


Ms. S. Priyanka,

Dr. P. Arun,

Ms. S. Latha,
Commerce (CA)

Ms. B. Ramya,

Ms. M. Kavitha,

Ms. S. Arthi,
Hospital Administration


Roles & Responsibilities

Campus Disaster Management
  • Creating awareness among the staff and the students about the natural disasters, man-made disasters and pandemic emergencies
  • Creating awareness among the staff and the students on disaster prevention, preparedness, relief and recovery.
  • Teaching life saving and rescue techniques to all the staff and students of the institution.
  • Conducting Programmes on Personal Safety viz. Electrical Safety, Fire Safety, Hazardous Materials Management, etc.
  • Planning for the Disaster Management initiatives and to conduct mock exercises and evacuation to build up courage and confidence among our staff and students
Community Disaster Management
  • Creating awareness among the public on disaster mitigation measures through awareness campaigns, viz., Pamphlets, Short films, Street plays etc.,
  • Supporting the disaster affected community through relief materials and funds
  • Extending helping hands to disaster affected areas, through NSS students’ volunteers

Tenure of the Committee

Tenure of the committee will be three Consecutive academic years.

Periodicity of the Meeting

The Committee will meet twice in a semester on June / July and October / November in odd Semester. January / February and April / May in even semester and when ever required.

Minutes of Meeting