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Student Quality Assurance Cell


Chairman Principal
Convener Dean - Academics

Mr. K. Vishnu Gopal,


Commerce (Computer Applications)

Commerce (International Business)


Roles & Responsibilities

  • Helps to develop mindful and catalytic systems in College towards quality sustenance and enhancement.
  • Assist the IQAC in collection of data relating to student societies, activities, placements, Department association activities, etc.
  • Assist the IQAC in creation of newsletters and other important print and online material, including comprehensive reports/write-ups.
  • Assist the IQAC in organizing workshops/conferences/seminars/webinars/speaker and enrichment sessions.
  • Organizing of important activities for the students of the College from time to time and collaborating with other societies/bodies/cells in the College for the same.

Tenure of the Committee

The Committee will hold responsibilities for a term of three Consecutive Academic years.

Periodicity of the Meeting

The Committee will meet twice in a semester on June –July and October-November in Odd Semester. January-February and April-May in even semester.